Workshops offer information and advice on a wide range of topics, including dealing with conflict at work, managing stress and trauma, dealing with uncertainty, effective communication and mastering change.

The workshops are interactive and engage participants in a shared exploration of important issues rather than merely delivering ready-made wisdom.

All participants receive a training manual.

Workshops are offered in different formats: an introduction of two hours (Lunch and Learn), a half day training, or a full day, 8 hour workshop, depending on the complexity of the topic at hand.

Workshops can be tailored to suit a corporation’s needs.

The following is a list of available workshops from the Center:

♦   Building Personal Resiliency

♦   Coping with Change

♦   Strategies for Impressive Interviews

♦   Managing Traumatic Stress

♦   Dealing with Difficult People

♦   Enhancing Team Performance

♦   Proactive Stress Management

♦   Conflict Management

♦   Effective Communication

♦   Responsive Management Program