Personal Development Kits

Personal Development Kits are designed to provide concrete, realistic and practical solutions to manage stress, enhance quality of life and improve personal effectiveness.

All Kits include:

♦  Personal development instructional manual (approximately 40 pages)


♦  CD containing a pre-recorded audio relaxation exercise



The STRESS CONTROL card measures tension and relaxation by responding to the temperature of your hands and fingertips. When your body experiences tension, the blood flow to the surface of the skin is reduced causing your skin temperature to decrease. During relaxation the opposite reaction occurs causing skin temperature to increase. A liquid crystal thermal sensor on the front of the changes color to tell you whether you are relaxed or tense.)

The following kits are available from the Center.

♦   Quit Smoking Kit

♦   Stress Control Kit

♦   Sleep Well Kit

♦   Overcoming Test Anxiety Kit

♦   Power Nap Kit

♦   Surviving Traumatic Stress Kit

♦   Migraine Relief Kit

♦   Sleep Learning Kit