Self-Assessment Tools

Self-assessment is a process by which you learn more about yourself. Basically, it is a way to pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses and potentials in yourself. It also helps you in identifying areas that you may want to change.

The following questionnaires, profiles and tests are available from the Center.

♦   Are you depressed?

♦   Are you too angry?

♦   Assertiveness Profile Questionnaire

♦   Burnout Questionnaire

♦   Change Management Profile

♦   Conflict Style Profile

♦   Emotional Intelligence Test

♦   Job Stress Assessment

♦   Leadership Performance Appraisal

♦   Life Change Questionnaire

♦   Personal Stress Profile

♦   Personal Style Evaluation

♦   Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Questionnaire

♦   Self-Esteem Inventory

♦   Stress Resiliency Assessment

♦   Stress Symptoms Inventory

♦   Stress Vulnerability Questionnaire

♦   Team Building Profile

♦   Type A Behavior Assessment

♦   Workplace Bullying Assessment