Quit Smoking




Regardless of how long or how much you’ve smoked, or how often you’ve tried to quit, you can learn to become a nonsmoker. The Quit Smoking Kit will help you prepare for a quit attempt. You can take an addiction test, and get useful tips on how to boost your willpower. It will help you think about your reasons for quitting and recognize the triggers that make you crave cigarettes.

It specifically addresses people who aren’t sure they want to quit but nevertheless interested in reducing their consumption and smokers who are thinking seriously about quitting.

The kit includes a Quit Smoking audio compact disc. The gentle, soothing voice (mixed with even more soothing music and sounds) on the CD gives positive suggestions to help lose your craving and desire to smoke and prevent you putting on weight. It focuses on easier and fuller breathing, relaxation, and achieving good health with positive results when you stop smoking. (20-25 minutes)


PRICE: CHF 39.- + shipping     /     EURO 32.- + shipping