Stress Control Cards


Biofeedback Stress Control System

How the Stress Control card works

 The Stress Control card is based on the following physiological principle:

Situations of tension, insecurity or danger make the blood rush towards the vital organs, far from the body’s extremities (hands and feet). The Stress Control card registers even the slightest skin temperature changes by means of a thin layer of cholesteric liquid crystals which change color in relation to temperature. Thus, if you find yourself in a stressful situation and place your thumb on the heat sensitive part of the Stress Control card, it will register a black color or reddish brown (cold hands), indicating that you are stressed. On the contrary, when you become relaxed, circulation becomes normal again in your extremities, the fingers warm up and the Stress Control card turns blue.

The Stress Control card is a complete relaxation system developed, tested and successfully used by stress management specialists. These professional people feel that the cards offer two main advantages.

1.  They enable people to evaluate easily their level of stress anytime and anywhere.

2.  Individuals can immediately apply one of several rapid relaxation techniques and then evaluate its efficacy.

 Our system includes:

●  Stress Control card (size of a credit card) that measures tension and stress by responding to the temperature of your fingertips.

●  Instruction booklet with a complete relaxation program.

●  Handsome blue plastic pouch that holds both.