Overcoming Test Anxiety




Most of us experience some level of anxiety when anticipating something stressful, such as taking tests, competing in sports, or performing on stage. This tension is normal and positive; it motivates us to want to perform at our best level. However, when anxiety negatively affects our performance it has become a problem. The good news is that all the factors that contribute to test anxiety can be conquered using proven physical and psychological techniques.

The Overcoming Test Anxiety Kit will provide you with information and strategies that will help you control your fears and anxieties about taking tests. You will learn the causes and signs of anxiety, how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for tests, how to overcome feelings of panic and how to handle your worries. In addition, simple, but powerful ways to replace anxiety with calm confidence will be presented.

A Total Relaxation audio compact disc is included. This guided relaxation process on the CD will assist you in relaxing your body and calming your mind. Once you learn this technique, you can use it any time you need it in test situations, work situations or stressful moments. (20-25 minutes)


PRICE: CHF 39.- + shipping     /     EURO 32.- + shipping