Pratical Learning Guides

The aim of the Practical Learning Guides is to provide useful advice, information, action-oriented tips, checklists, self-assessment tests, and strategies that will help enhance job performance, heighten personal effectiveness and improve quality of life.

The guides are in the form of a 4 to 10 page brochure and deals with a wide range of topics, including work and health issues, managing stress, effective communication, conflict management, burnout and team building.

Pack of ten reproducible Practical Learning Guides of your choice (from the list below.)  The acquisition of this pack gives the user the rights to make any number of copies for the purpose of use inside the organization only.

Price: CHF 250.-     /    Euro 209.-

The following is a list of available Learning Guides which can be downloaded:

♦   Coping with anger

♦   Stress and Resilience

♦   Stress and Personality

♦   Traumatic Stress

♦   Coping with Stress

♦   Coping with Change

♦   Dealing with Difficult People

♦   Emergency Stress Management

♦   Meditative Relaxation

♦   Stress and Your Health

♦   Stress and Burnout

♦   Dealing with Uncertainty

♦   Communication and Stress

♦   Stress and Emotional Eating

♦   Reducing Holiday Stress

♦   Dealing with Conflict at Work

♦   Preparing for Interviews

♦   Terrorism: Overcoming Anxiety and Fear

♦   Building Self-Esteem

♦   Stress and High Blood Pressure

♦   Stop Smoking Support and Tips

♦   Effective Listening

♦   How to Sleep Better

♦   Coping with Anxiety

♦   Overcoming Procrastination

♦   Dealing with Angry People