Stress Control



The Stress Control Kit contains a variety of important techniques and strategies to help reduce and ultimately control the negative effects of stress. The kit is arranged into seven sections, each section is designed to give background information and action-oriented tips to help manage stress effectively.

Sections include information on evaluating stress and personal vulnerability, managing stress at work, maintaining a sense of calmness and balance under pressure and managing stressful thoughts and emotions.

The kit includes a Stress Control audio compact disc. The gentle, soothing voice (mixed with even more soothing music and sounds) on this CD gives suggestions which effectively aid in relaxing your body and calming your mind. Once the body and mind are relaxed, you will receive instructions that will help you will take a journey to a place within your own being. You will increase your state of relaxation by exploring a comfortable deeper place of tranquility and serenity. (20-25 minutes)


PRICE: CHF 39.- + shipping     /     EURO 32.- + shipping