Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Stress Control is to educate and empower people to enhance their internal capacity to prevent, manage and control excessive emotional, physical and behavioral responses to stress and reinforce healthy behaviors, improve quality of life and job satisfaction.

The following elements form the foundation of our mission:

  • AWARENESS:  increase public awareness of what stress is, what causes it to occur and what can be done about it.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY:  people are shown how they are responsible for their own health behaviors and not some outside factor. The Center helps people take an active role in managing their own personal well-being.
  • ALTERNATIVES:  adverse health behaviors are generally inappropriate responses to a particular situation. The Center provides people with a wide range of the most powerful and effective stress management techniques identified by researchers and health professionals.
  • ACTION:  knowing what to do is not enough; putting new techniques and behaviors for managing stress in place is the key to successful change. The Center helps people integrate new stress management skills into the routines of their daily living.