What we do

The Center for Stress Control is an internationally recognized center dedicated to provide timely, effective and appropriate programs, educational resources, assistance and solutions for individuals, groups, and corporations, who are interested in learning how to reduce, prevent and cope with stress. 


We have served as a model for other centers that have opened in the Middle East, Italy and Switzerland and have a 20 year history of working with people in such settings as local and government agencies for health, mental health, education, and social welfare; hospitals and clinics; schools and universities; workplaces; and community and non-governmental organizations.

We also provide consultation to health care professionals interested in learning or expanding their skills in stress management and applying state-of-the-art biofeedback and neurofeedback instrumentation in their practice.

The Center also aims to be a point of contact and reference for people in different professions who wish to have access to the latest research and data on stress management.

Programs and services provided by the Center:

●   Self-Assessment Tools

●   Stress Solutions (Self-help therapy program)

●   Stress Management Training

●   Lunch and Learn Seminars

●   Workshops

●   Learning Guides (Provides useful advice, information and action-oriented tips)

●   SMART Tips (Short, practical and helpful hints to reduce stress)

●   Personal Development Kits

●   Self-Help Manuals

●   Conferences